4 Reasons Why You Should Learn Programming!

In every creation and invention, there is some level of programming behind it.

1- Programming is Fun

Believe it or not when you create new thing or end your projects you will get a real taste of fun only if you learn something from them. Programming is all about playing with logics and understanding what you want before encoding. It creates clarity about the situation thus it helps us in observing and imagining new ways.

2- No Need a Degree.

(For BSCS degree) I think if you want to waste your time to read how computer works then go for a degree because learning of computer required practice and always practice If you get a degree with low programming skills or computer skills then you are a mule. I am not telling you the degree is bad but only a degree is bad not only bad but a disaster. Through my personal experience If you want to master in anything then simply learn and teach it to the needy. If you are a good developer no one can ask you for a degree believe me I am also a developer with 0 degreesĀ  Yeah.. and I am earning a good amount right now.

3- Problem Solver

A programmer is a problem solver it requires creativity to think out of the box. but what’s the meaning of out of the box? Let’s suppose the box is your mind and all the knowledge is in your mind. So it’s mean that you should explore new things imagine new ways instead of depending on one traditional way. According to the world economic forum, the next big skill till 2025 and so on is problem-solving.

4- It teaches us how to think and design.

Not only programming but also designing both plays an amazing role in life I love designers and their creativity. Both improve logic, imagination, and observation.


In every aspect of life, thinking plays an important role in doing anything and it requires imagination and observation power through it you can get your desire output. And in computer programming, you have to create this power to think out of the box. Personally, I am not a designer but it too required a high level of creativity and I love their art.