5G Technology !

5G is the fifth generation wireless technology for digital mobile networks and it has a high data transfer speed as compared to previous generations


Tech companies are promising a lot from 5G. While 4G runs at almost 100 megabits per second (Mbps),while 5G tops out at 10 gigabits per second (Gbps). That means 5G is a hundred times faster than the 4G technology—at its maximum speed, anyway.

For example, the Consumer Technology Association pointed out that, at this speed, you could download a two-hour movie in just 3.6 seconds on 5G, versus 6 minutes on 4G or 26 hours on 3G.

In the recent study Pakistan was successfully test the 5G technology the news released by khaleej times (Webiste)!
CMPak Limited, popularly known as Zong, is a Pakistani mobile data network operator owned by China Mobile. It conducted 5G tests in the presence of senior government officials and telecom executives in Islamabad . 5G technology is expected to revolutionize key sectors such as healthcare, agriculture and education in Pakistan.It will have a significant impact on Pakistan’s economic transformation, social progress and create new avenues of entertainment.


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