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Be in mind that game developer and a gamer are two different categories the game developer is who developed and create the game he is also a big earner. and a gamer who is paid by just playing a video games on an international tournaments or an international level . The gaming industry in future will be on high demand not only in other countries but in Pakistan .Pakistan’s very own Sumail Hassan who has so far earned $3,265,914.94. for himself just by playing a video game đŸ˜± . yes it is true ! so turn your passion into a profession a guy who is earned by just playing a video games but now what we teach our child and he or she wants to become something else; A doctor? A lawyer? An engineer? A successful business man perhaps? Not many of us think to teach them  so he said “Oh I want to become a professional gamer” I want to just give you  a brief intro of Sumail Hassan who is born in Pakistan in 1999  and his age is only 21 years old who is a memeber of OG  , But our 21 years old guy was just wasting their time infront of mobile by just playing a hanki panki games ! at any point in life. Neither do many of us know the scope of being a professional gamer, so let’s explore what goes around in the world of a professional gamer. This may sound odd but few professional gamers actually earn way more than our highest earning doctors and engineers !Esports is a best opportunity to earn handsome amount if you are interested in playing video games.

Lets talk about the worth and course of game development in Pakistan : 

If you are a programmer or you have some knowledge about programming then the game development is easy for you but if not and you are beginner than it is a bit hard for you and moreover the course of game development is expansive in Pakistan because of its worth .

The language including for game development are as follows ! 1. C++   2. C#  3. python  4. java   5. lua  6. javascript  7. Papyrus   8.Cg  these are some  language which is used in game development . 

Now lets talk about its worth the worth of Esports  which also knows as Electronic sports (gamer) its a billion dollor industry The esports industry has seen huge growth over the past few years. High viewership is bringing in more revenue.In 2016, eSports generated a revenue of $493 million, out of which $350 million was just from brand investments. 2017 brought in a year over year revenue growth of 33%, which translates to a total of $655 million. just take a look on graph by newzoo.


One of the main reasons why there has been growth in Esports viewership is because more people are learning and engaged with Espotrs. There has been a huge rise in awareness of the Esports industry since 2015 . After this i want to share with you a top 100 heighest earners from Pakistan ! 

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So don’t waste you time and turn your passion (talent) into a profession .

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