How to be important for someone?

I think if you are important for others so that’s a blessing for you. In this series, I will share 4 reasons How you can important for others in their life so let’s begin.

1-Listen with interest

Listening means more than quietly nodding your head while waiting for your turn to speak again. and making eye-contact with a person you talk to. It means everything just imagines a person you love most standing in front of you and talking to you. And you give your hundred person focus to them this is everything just imagine it. On the other hand, if you are talking to anyone else just give them full attention, and then the person will be fully yours. It can often be our greatest gift. Whether that person is speaking or playing or dancing, or singing or painting, if we care, we can listen.” Often, this is all someone needs from you.

2-Love them

If you want people to love you, respect them encourage them in their life goals, Be friendly with them and if they are depressed then give them hope because the hopeful person never died mentally only the hope keeps us alive in a difficult situation so be hopeful and let people love you.

3-You are not worthless

May be sometime you tell about yourself,

 I am nothing – I’m just a piece of dirt’ 

Sometimes you tired about people reacting with you If you do, you are not alone Maybe that voice was put there by someone else – a family member, a bully a teacher, a coach? If you are made of the same stuff that makes up the dirt, you are also made of the same stuff that makes up the stars. Your brain is the most complex thing in the known universe. You are amazing. You are made of stars. acknowledge yourself and love yourself because what you have now and what you will become in the future is dependent on your thinking so be a good thinker.

4-You are wise.

People love the company of wise people and also the relationship with wise people is important for your life. because the foolish person can make your small problem too big while in reality, it was not as big as they can. so be avoid the foolish person they can destroy you and your goals.

“We all matter – maybe less then a lot but always more than none.”

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