How To Be Socially Valuable

Everyone wants to get a high status and high value in social life but we socially do some mistakes that decreases our self value so in this blog we talk about how to become socially independent and  valuable and avoid those mistakes that decreases our value ! 

so lets begin ..

1- Be relaxed!

The first thing if you want to be socially rich or valuable is so be relaxed ! be  a problem solver  problems increases our strength as well as increases our thinking ability so be relaxed and authentic!

2- Be friendly !

Stay normal in the group of people so that people talk to you easily 

smile and make eye contact appropriately as well as talk to them in good tone !

3-Accept compliments !

If you get compliment from others look towards them with smile and gratitude them with the bottom of your heart  ! low status people ignore them or either tone down so be clam and acknowledge compliments!

4- Embrace rejections !

If you want to get a high status keep in mind that not everybody will like you so dealing in this situation consciously and not take them serious always be kind to yourself and love yourself because

no one will love you more than yourself ! 

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