How to be the leader by starting from your self ?

Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself !

Some people just insist others that don’t do this or that etc etc. but they don’t skip their own bad habits and just criticise others If you want to change the world start from yourself first and attend to your own personal development. In doing so, problems give way to solutions !  It’s important to make someone happy but it’s more important to start from yourself because you should know that if you have something then you able to give to others  celebrate your own victories because losers can’t understand the feeling of accomplishing something. so Below is the some tips that i share with you regarding how to start from your-self !

1-Don’t think that what other’s think !

Dont’t thinks that what others think about you  and what the opinion of others about your work and your life etc. because this can reduce your self confident and strength ! 

2-Love and accept yourself.

When you improve your relationship with yourself, your other relationships and your life improve naturally. Everything starts to work because if you feel relaxed from inner side then your outer world automatically becomes the place of peace  .

3-Motivate your self.

This is my personal experience that whenever i am depressed i try to talk with my self  it can boost your energy level and gives you a courage to doing things alone self motivation is the best key to improve yourself because  you know yourself than others you know your values , you know what you like , you know what you feels in hardest moment so i highly recommend you to motivate yourself and try self talk .

4-Be aware of your values .

Don’t depend on peoples  thinking that.  If i will do this People will like it or not ? must remember that mistakes makes man perfect so be the man who takes risk.  No doubt that feedback boost our confident but don’t always depend on feedback you should know your values and your rights so be aware your of your values !

Conclusion .

You learn that don’t depend on others thinking be the man who knows his values . And in hard moment  motivate your self by self talk and do whatever you want to do. Be the leader who takes risk and experience things in life . And in the last but not least love your self because no one cares in what condition you are in so be aware of your self .


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