How to stay consistent on goals

Design a specific and realistic goals and make sure you make a right goals creating a goals is easy but stay consistent and stay inline on goals is  too hard and make a right decision is also a way to achieve goals because  everyone who have a clear goal can fly like an straight arrow be a mountain and not fear if anyone rejects you and laugh on you some trunks can push you towards success and force you to achieve the goals .  Below are some ways to stay consistent on goals !

1– Reward yourself !

Rewarding and respecting yourself is a most important thing if you want to achieve something great in life because only you are a good or bad  friend of yourself  because a friend knows everything about his friend and they push forward in the bad days of life so always reward or motivate yourself if you want achieve something in a future ! 

2–Create a plan for yourself !

Creating a task or plan can decrease the pressure of your mind as well as increase your work  efficiency and than you can able to manage your time so always try to plan a day or make task for your day than you can able to grow fast .

3–Quit negative thinking !

The biggest problem in moving forward is negative thoughts this is a worst problem but what you can do is always hope on Allah and be serious about what ever you do and ignore the negative thoughts and negative people they can destroy us be brave be passionate be ardent be zealous about your goals and be confident .

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