Html is a hyper text markup language also called a programming language which is used to build a structure of the webpage and the current version of this language is html 5 . html 5 provide you ease so you can easily build a structure of every webpage it has several new feature and enhance a user productivity here you can learn html 5 from basic to advance follow this link w3school

below we listed version of the html.

1- HTML 1.0

2- HTML 2.0

3 – HTML 3.0

4 -HTML 3.2

5- HTML 4.0


7 – HTML 5


CSS is casecading style sheet through it you can make your structure of your website attractive and more beautiful it has provide you a many feature and descriptions so you can easily build a attractive site .There are 3 ways to putting css in your site :

1- Internal css ; in internal css you can work under style element in your html page ;

2- Inline css: In inline css you can open a style attribute under any element or div like this :

<p style=”color:red;”>journeytechh</p>

3-External css : In external css you can create a separate page for css and link to html file .

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