If You Have Only a Few Days To Live. What Will You Do Next?

We think life is too big to live come out from this confusion let’s suppose if you have only a few days left what’s your next goal?

Will you think about your past failures?
Will  You think about what others think about you??
Will You waste your time being scrolling foolish content??

Absolutely No,
So, What will we do if we have only a few days to live??

We happily meet everyone. Maybe he or she is your friend, wife, lover, or anyone else.
We will not criticize everyone.
We will just minding our own business because we discover that we have no time for waste.
We will pray for our hereafter.

So, Think like you have no time to waste and that’s true.
Always live your life as it is the last day and that’s true we dont know who’s next to go maybe Me or You. so always remember the death, never ever underestimate this truth. I am not saying that do not enjoy your life!!! Enjoy your life with full fun but keep balance.