Questioning is the beginning of intelligence. The purpose of this Q&A is to explore ourselves. Not just for the information it also helps us in increasing our self-realization so this is going to be amazing we will try our best to give you a one or two line answer with clarity. So if you have any questions you can tell us here. we will try our best to give you a clear answer. Note: If you give us permission then your question will be shown here with your name.

Sometimes we talk about, In a relationship understanding is important, Do you know what is understanding? Actually, we don’t know, understanding is when we know the other person’s weak points or hurting point and then we realize that if we will do that then he or she is going to be angry, and so on. If I give you a one-line answer then I will tell you not to do such things that hurt him or her this is called understanding.

Addiction can be replaceable let suppose we all are mobile addicted if we lost our mobile even though it is too expensive but still replaceable. But in love there nothing replaceable you can replace a person but you can’t replace a person in your mind. In love there is nothing right or wrong.