Teach Yourself How to Think Book Summary

Teach yourself how to Think by Edward de Bono is a top-selling book with over 15 million copies sold all over the world. Dr. Edward de Bono is the world-leading expert in Lateral Thinking and creativity and this book was originally published in 1995 and this teaches us how we get 100% from our thoughts by fitting into the right direction. Below I share some inspiring quotes from the book Teach Yourself How To Think

1- Effective people get on with things and do them. Less effective people have to keep coming back for encouragement and instruction.

2- Judgment is concerned with past experience Whereas creativity is concerned with future possibility.

3- We need values, feelings, and thinking. The feeling is no substitute for thinking. Thinking without values is aimless.

4- Argument rarely sticks to the subject but soon drags in all manner of other subjects.

5- Our happiness and success depend on clear thinking. But too many of us are compromised by confusion, trying to do too much at once, and not knowing what to do next.

6- Firstly you have to define the problem yourself then find why? Why you want to solve the problem? What I get by solving this problem and so on.

7- With creative thinking, we do not put in constraints at the beginning. We seek ideas in all directions.

8- Too many people believe that thinking is all about problem-solving. Be in mind that thinking is only used for problem-solving.

9- Perhaps the most important practical reason why we are so obsessed with the problem is that solving a problem provide a ‘real’ , visible and predictable benefit.

10- Decision is a form of choice or choice is a form of decision. Much the same sort of thinking is needed.

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