Top 4 Tech Skills For 2021

top tech skill

Technology is the fastest growing industry in this era we all are somewhat addicted to technology and in this episode, we cover the 10 In-demand skills for tech lovers.

1-Video Editing / Animation

Video is king video editing or video animation is a powerful tool to earn a handsome amount if someone likes your work in one shot then it becomes a long-term relationship with them. There are many free video editing software available on the internet but I recommend  Adobe after-effect and Filmora These two are the best tools for video editing and If you want to start your channel by making youtube videos so that’s also a good way to earn moreover just making videos is not the way to success you should know your competitors and how to grow as a YouTuber so by this cheap and fully loaded book  “Making Youtube Videos” on Amazon you will learn on how to plan and shoot quality videos, installing and using video editing tools, and post the final product to YouTube. Click the image below and open the doors of success in the tech industry.

2-Digital Marketing

Targeting your customers on the internet or globally is called Digital marketing. Not only in the future we all know the value of DM right now. Every company’s paid very well to Digital marketers to market their product or company on the internet their main purpose is to gather clients and increasing sales. So for this, you should know the marketing strategies to gather clients and this book. The 1-Page Marketing Plan” will help you a lot in getting new customers. It is a nice rated book you should read. So click the below image and finds the strategies to grow your business.


SEO Search Engine Optimization is another in-demand skills in the future and also right now and its significance will never losses everyone wants their site ranked on the top of the google page so that people pay handsome amount to SEO employees and freelancers. So for this, you should know the steps to be a good SEO specialist. A hight rated  “Learn search engine optimization with smart internet marketing strategies” and cheap book covers the topic of How to find “money” keywords that will send customers to your site. and much more you can read more about this book by clicking the Image below.

4-App Development

According to a new report from Experts, Application development skills are now the most in-demand for businesses looking to hire in the IT industry. The surge in mobile skills surpassed web development, which was previously the most popular. So be ready to dig in getting this skill this is will be the high rated skills till the next 2, 5 years.


We should upgrade our selves from time to time Otherwise, we will rust, and then we find excuses to protect ourselves always test ourselves test our skills this is the sign of intelligence, In problems, take a closure look to your heart and brain what’s running there and then you will find everything inside yourself be ready and be focused. Have a good day ahead.



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