What Bill Gates says about success?

We all wanted to be successful in life but what is a success for you?? Do you ask this question for self? For me, success is peace of mind and financial independence. Make sure you have a clear picture of success for you. let’s talk about the aim of this blog, let’s begin.

1. Have A Bad Influence.

We must have a bad influence in our life because this will give you a motivation Bill Gates once said that, I am successful dropped out of Harvard University. Yes, Universities or grades of collage will not define your career but your capability to do things will define your future (career).

2. Have energy.

Here energy means the ability to accept the change, energy to accept the people’s criticism, energy to accept the failure. You must have the energy to acknowledge the failure is a great teacher if you learn from it. otherwise, you are a looser.

3. Be proud of who you are.

Many people get frustrated when they compare themselves to others like I am not rich, talented, or smart as they are, so be in mind we are not the same our problems are not the same so always be love your self and keep learning.

4. Share your success with others.

Always be excited about your success because this will give positive energy and not be feel ashamed to share your success story with others whether it is a small startup or too large.

Conclusion: I hope this blog will help you to achieve your desires in someway because only you are responsible for your life no one else does it for you  so be hopeful and keeps learning and be in mind that success will not come from money it will come from learning, and learning will give you money more then you think so, to be honest in learning and share your thoughts in the comment section.Thanks


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