What Islam tells us about responding to deadly pandemics

COVID-19 This very day I am going to talk about COVID-19 in a religious way. What Islam teaches in this kind of situation. The problems and diseases are a part of life and troubles are temporary, problems come and goes but what you learn from complications that are the way to success in this world and the hereafter. We forgot the Allah, we forgot his mercy, we forgot his love upon humans beings, We remember the Allah only in the ordeal, We are unfaithful, we are greedy, But he is loyal, his mercy upon human is too high. Even his mercy is dominant on his anger. But his anger and resentment are terrible. But we should not be disappointed and be hopeful because I am saying that again his mercy is dominant on his anger. Let me tell you a story of his mercy.

There was a man in the previous nation who was very sinful. When the time of his death
comes, he looked around. but he
Doesn’t found any helper. Then he looked towards the sky and there were tears in his eyes and He only intended to apologize and Allah forgave him because Allah knows the state of hearts.
He sees the intention, not the quantity of sin.
Make Allah your friend then the world will be at your feet. never sell your faith for some money or fame the world is mortal be a friend of The real king. and never lose your hope in difficult situations be bold and hopeful. 

There are moments in our lives where we break down, get tired and no further destination is visible in this situation just calm and say in your heart be patient, be patient. And closer to Allah because he is the only Who will take away all your worries and be thankful of Allah for what you have and never compete with others compete with yourself and be happy because no one really cares whether you are happy or not. So love yourself and enjoy the every moment of your existence.

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