Why Our Decisions Fail ?

Sometimes we take decision and wanted to work and act according to our decisions but we can’t do it because of lack of awareness about goals and ideas or decision. In order to take a good commitment you should put a question mark on decision that Why should i want to take a decision? After this you now know the important’s of your goals and decision . so lets come to the causes that why our decisions fail ?

1- We loose hope :

The first cause of why our commitments fail is we loose hope in difficult moments remember that mistakes are our actual source of success if learn from it so stay consistent in troubles and try to find the solution of every problem by taking advise from your elders !

2-To much expectations :

Remember that to much expectation can kill a person expectation is a good thing but not at all . If you expect some thing good occur this is good so you should try to do hard work for it . Our problems is that we take decision but not work on it to true it so if you want your expectations are true so be sincere with yourself than you can achieve what you want .

3– Obsessing over work can contribute to the failure in decision making.

When уоu can’t ѕtор thinking аbоut wоrk when you’re аt hоmе, іt’ѕ a ѕtrоng sign that you don’t have a good balance between work life and home life. you should separate work life from home life in home you should spend time with your family this will boast your energy and decision making skills remember that peace is more necessary than money so love yourself .

4-Excessive consumption of information and social media

One of the big reasons why decision making fails in our modern times? The access to the 24-7-365 news cycle. And, honestly, social media. Yes, I know you want to be informed. But is still better to listen your inner voice and read your brain what telling to you and spend less time on social media and install a time tracker to your phone that track your time that how much you spend your time in each application !


Stress is another main reason that people not fulfill their commitments stress is a killer it eats a person from inner side so with stress you can’t fulfill your dreams , goals and decision so be relax and trust on yourself and never take decisions in emotional situation .


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